Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation


Attic Insulation Requirements

If you’re looking to make your home comfortable and energy efficient, then we are the company for you. On average, heating and cooling contributes to around 70 % of the energy bills of a home or building. We at 911 Roofing will save you money by reducing the energy requirement using top of the line blown in fiberglass insulation.  Proper insulation will help you achieve a more comfortable and energy-efficient home overall.

Heat Loss in Winter / Heat Gain in Summer

Heat Loss Insulation Diagram

Common Air Leaks Insulation

Lifespan of Attic Insulation

As per International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, any type of insulation can last from 80 years up to 100 years or more.

What is the Best Type of Insulation?

Blown in fiberglass or cellulose insulation is considered to be much better than the spray foam due to the significant difference in cost.

Advantage of Blown-in Fiberglass Over Cellulose Insulation

Loose filled insulation is considered to be the best among all types of insulations, and fibreglass is considered better. It is moisture resistant – the insulation protects against mold and wood rot as compared to cellulose because it is made up of glass and sand, unlike paper as in cellulose insulation.  The thickness of fibreglass insulation required is much less compared to cellulose insulation.

Recommended Insulation for Retrofitted Existing Wood-Frame Buildings

Uninsulated Attic – R49 to R60
Existing 3-4 inches of insulation – R38 to R49

Insulation R-Value

Attic Insulation